- make me a sandwich
- no
- sudo make me a sandwich
- no
- sudo -u#-1 make me a sandwich
- ok

computer stuff 

@fireglow haha he’s like "pet me" and he doesn’t get pet

food, stuffed animal hijinks 

For those who have (many) OpenBSD machines managed by a configuration management tool, how do you deal with sysmerge?

(Boosts appreciated)

@AFresh1 the thing here I love the most is your use of the metric system :D

@pamela their video player won’t stop playing (cf picture). I think it matches perfectly with the game :D

@vi haha I remember this feeling
It didn’t last luckily :)

@stoof Is 8PM the middle of the night for the Old Lady that you are? :D

skin care advice, boostable 

Ansible rant 

@stoof no never :D
A woman I was talking to on a dating app was :)

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