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@benoit un peu plus d’effort et tu dessinais la Corse

@lanodan should the embargo have been longer to give more time for web development?

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@benno tell us your number so we can help you fight back!

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@fantasiaarmonica ivre je suis allé à la statue du mont Royal en vélo
C’était pas une bonne idée :D

@Courgette ptet des gens saoulés par le fait que le site les harcèle pour noter ?

@wxcafe c’est pas fait en node js (donc open source au moins) ? :o

Mozilla: google fucks with our ability to compete
Also Mozilla: of course we can do that ourselves

I hate so much free software fuckers that won't help you even if they know the precise answer just because "you should read the docs".

I hope they fucking realize they're the reason why people use some fucking walled gardens like slack and not crappy stuff like irc.

English vocabulary question. A mentor has

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