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- make me a sandwich
- no
- sudo make me a sandwich
- no
- sudo -u#-1 make me a sandwich
- ok

For those who have (many) OpenBSD machines managed by a configuration management tool, how do you deal with sysmerge?

(Boosts appreciated)

(real) pro tip about development (30 secs) 

Mozilla: google fucks with our ability to compete
Also Mozilla: of course we can do that ourselves

I hate so much free software fuckers that won't help you even if they know the precise answer just because "you should read the docs".

I hope they fucking realize they're the reason why people use some fucking walled gardens like slack and not crappy stuff like irc.

English vocabulary question. A mentor has

remember folks 

cursing, mysql 

Hmm .When I launch Signal desktop, all my tabs in Firefox crash and my CPU cores go to 100%. Is this freedom?


"oh wow, you're queer? that must be so hard, you're so brave!" well i wouldn't have to be so fucking brave all the damn time if u would actually punish homophobia amongst ur peers but thx i guess

Hey are you a queer person and want 5000$ from Google?

Our project is doing #GSoC2019 this year and have two projects featuring #rustlang and some cool networking stuff.

DM or e-mail me for more info! (boost appreciated)

controversial gaming opinion 

Does anyone here run Elastic Search on OpenBSD?

Has anyone made *syslog on Linux works with OpenBSD syslog? Preferably with TCP and TLS

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