@pamela I’m waiting for it!
Daddy told me he can’t wait to buy Day 4. I’m scared he’s going to stop giving me wet food until he can. Please help.

Earlier daddy opened a giant can. I thought I was going to eat wet food for like 3 days.
He said it was not for me but I meowed at him to let him know I knew it was for. He showed me a sample and eww it wasn’t smelling good at all!
I looked at the box and it was written chickpeas but I’ve no idea what it means.

Anyway I was so sad and disappointed :(

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@pamela I didn’t choose the sleeping-on-hands life, the sleeping-on-hands life chose me

I’m thinking about what the world lacks. And I think it’s wet food.

I came Pamela. Now make sure I get some ice cream!

why does firefox suddenly think I'm French?! It's too late. I can't decipher french at 3am. Help me jean canard

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@vigdis @pmosetc @nihl Daddy is lying I would never do that
Could you bring me some wet food now?

"Why yes daddy I do nothing but sleeping here." — me, approximately 5 minutes before running away to my vantage point

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