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Earlier daddy opened a giant can. I thought I was going to eat wet food for like 3 days.
He said it was not for me but I meowed at him to let him know I knew it was for. He showed me a sample and eww it wasn’t smelling good at all!
I looked at the box and it was written chickpeas but I’ve no idea what it means.

Anyway I was so sad and disappointed :(

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I’m thinking about what the world lacks. And I think it’s wet food.

why does firefox suddenly think I'm French?! It's too late. I can't decipher french at 3am. Help me jean canard

"Why yes daddy I do nothing but sleeping here." — me, approximately 5 minutes before running away to my vantage point

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I can't stand this hot weather. Human, are you the one doing that?
pls staahp

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